Turkey is your priority, ours is to show you the way

Thanks to a young and dynamic population of nearly 80 million, a modern legal and tax system and a resilient economy, Turkey offers many opportunities to companies looking for new ways of developing their activities and is a privileged destination for foreign investors.

Our rich experience has qualified us as experts in the Turkish market. We have an answer to the potential problems you may face and would put at your disposal all necessary resources required in the business area of your investment.

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Agriculture - Breeding
A strong challenge of modernising the production equipment in a country that aims to be in the top 5 of producers.
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Defense and Security
Turkey's objective is to equip its Armed Forces with state-of-the-art materials. Read More
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The government has allocated $ 45 billion for infrastructures projects in railway to be completed by 2023.
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Food industry
Despite a large surplus in trade balance, the sector still faces major challenges.
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Online transactions reached € 7,5 billion in 2016, an increase of 120% compared to 2013.
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21 mega-projects to be completed by 2023 that aim to rank Turkey among the top 10 world economic powers.
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A leading sector, Turkey should meet important construction needs.
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Home appliance
The backyard of Europe, Turkey has become an important producer and exporter.
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Turkish consumers are very connected and keen on new technologies.
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A sector that is intensifying investments in R&D in order to control its external dependency.
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A challenging sector which represents the main expenditure on imports.
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An easily accessible market for foreign companies.
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Medical devices
The construction of 31 hospital centers suggests a significant need for medical devices.
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Although Turkey shows great potential,the country lacks of institutional strategies and expertise to turn the country into a digital hotspot
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Because of a lack of know-how, the Turkish aerospace industry remains dependent, particularly regarding complex materials and advanced technologies.
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Major export opportunities projects
19 companies and 23 projects operating in 10 strategic sectors have been selected to benefit from 33 billion USD of subsidies
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Child care
The youth of the Turkish population, the increase of the living standart and the awareness of young parents are opportunities for foreign investors.
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Water Management
Turkey encourages the development of new and better technologies and sets an ambitious target for water availability per capita.
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Objectives and projects in transport infrastructure represent opportunities for foreign investors looking for export opportunities.
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Although Turkey is self-sufficient in finished plastic products, it remains highly dependent on imports of plastic raw materials.
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Cattle & Sheep Farming
An important import policy of animals has ranked Turkey 2nd world importer of live animals and 1st in Europe.
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Istanbul's economic attractiveness
As an economic and cultural showcase, Istanbul offers many investment opportunities for companies wishing to grow in an international mega-city.
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Turkey is still predominantly a waste-destroying country rather than a recycler. Parliament recently legislated to raise awareness by launching the project "Zero Waste".
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Turkey is one of the top 30 emerging pharmaceutical markets and Europe's 6th largest market. However the sector relies strongly on imports.
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Despite a surplus in the trade balance, Turkey remains a major importer ; indeed 70% of raw materials in the sector are imported.
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Turkey is a key player in car production and a center of excellence for global car manufacturers and OEMs
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Smart City
The densification of the population, the environmental, sociological and political challenges create a need for sustainable and smart cities, simple to live and that take into account citizens needs.
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