Advantis Consulting is specialised in business engineering and operational support to foreign companies in Turkey since 2003.

Experience since 2003

Advantis Consulting, expert in strategic and operational consulting, specialist in business development in Turkey since 2003, offers its clients an operational know-how, tailors each service to their specific needs through its multi-sectoral and intercultural expertise and takes actions in all business areas.

A trusted partner

Advantis Consulting is a member of OSCI in Turkey, and is accredited as an Expert Consultant of Turkey by Stratexio, which validates a company's professionalism and quality of service. Since its foundation, Advantis Consulting has conducted more than 230 business projects in the Turkish market.

A multidisciplinary team

The bicultural French/Turkish and English speaking multidisciplinary team of Advantis Consulting ensures the success of a project by leveraging their wide range of skills and expertise. The solutions and recommendations are tailored to project needs and objectives while cultural and regulatory aspects are always taken into account.

İlker ONUR
Ilker ONUR
Managing Director
Strategy & Negotiation

Graduated from ECG School in Orléans (France), previously at Carrefour Turkey as International Sourcing and Purchasing Director. 20 years of operational experience in Turkey

Speaks French, Turkish, English

Expert in strategic analysis and advice, negotiation and lobbying, management of M&A transactions and industrial implantation as well as in business development...

Claire Ahu AKDENIZ
Project Director
Operational Support

Graduated in Master degree International Negotiation specialty Turkey at the University of Aix-en-Provence (France), experienced in international project development

Speaks French, Turkish, English, German

Expertise in operational support, sectorial analysis, project management, operational business development, partner qualification...

Project Director in Defense,
Security & Nuclear

Graduated from the National Institute of High Studies of Security and Justice, the NATO Defense College and the Joint War College

Speaks French, Turkish, English

Expert dedicated to the management of strategic defense and security projects. Click here for further information

Neslihan ERMAN
Project Manager
Market Intelligence

Graduated from the High Business School of Rennes (France), Master degree in International marketing and communication. Experienced in textile, electronic and telecommunication sectors

Speaks French, Turkish, English, Spanish

Expertise in market and sector analysis, company screening, marketing and communication PR...

Project Manager
Market Analysis

Graduated from Audencia Management School of Nantes (France), Master in Management, specialisation in Finance. Previously at Accor and Beijaflore in France

Speaks French, Turkish, English, German

Expertise in analyses and benchmark of market opportunities, foreign customers relationships, strategic and financial analyses...

Yeliz SUN
Yeliz SUN
Project Manager
Partner Qualification

Graduated from Anadolu University in Turkey in Economic Management and Public Relations

Speaks Turkish, French, English

Expert in sourcing, identification and qualification of company profiles, local customers relationships, event organisation...

Consultant Industry Expert
Outsourcing, Process & Quality

Graduated from Polytechnic Institute of Sévenans (UTBM), as mechanical engineer, Master in Industrial quality. Executive MBA in progress in International Management at the University Paris IX - Dauphine and the School of Sciences and Management of Montreal Canada

Speaks: French, Turkish, English

Expert in industrial quality, process audit VDA 6.3, evaluation, qualification, development and management of suppliers...

Back Office support

Graduated in Administrative Management from Tekirdag University in 2011, joined Advantis Consulting the same year

Speaks Turkish, English

External relations management, internal organisation, administrative and logistical support, project assistance...

Globallians International Experts

China Expert

Eastern Europe Expert

Central & Eastern Europe Expert

Emmanuel BISI
India Expert

Myriam DEBES
France Expert

Giulio GIAI
Italy Expert

Dominique CHERPIN
Germany Expert

Jean-Pierre LABRY
Middle East Expert

Thierry MERMET
South East Asia Expert

Russia & CIS Expert

Natalia PEREZ
Central America Expert

East Africa Expert

Canada Expert

North Africa Expert

Raphael TIRAT
United Kingdom Expert

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An extended network

Our strength in lobbying coupled with our solid and extended network allow us to easily access the Turkish public and private institutions and key players leading to strategic alliances that create values.

Tailor-made support

Our team of experts collaborate with you all along the project:

  • Customised solutions according to your needs and your objectives
  • Dedicated project team establishes proper management protocols of the project
  • Development strategy defined through in-depth analysis
  • Possibility of reshaping our solutions by taking into account the evolution of your project and the new needs identified

  • Dedicated team

    The multidisciplinary, bicultural French/Turkish and English-speaking team of Advantis Consulting ensures the success of your project in Turkey:

  • Habits and customs of Turkey are well known by our team who will guide you in building your strategy to enter the Turkish market
  • Thanks to French and English speaking experts, exchanges are facilitated and the understanding of needs guaranteed.

  • To learn more about our know-how, you can download our corporate presentation :

  • Advantis Consulting - Présentation Corporate_English
  • Advantis Consulting's expertise covers all business areas on the Turkish market, including the most complex and regulated sectors. It delivers turnkey and very specific services thanks to a strong team of external experts regarding regulatory issues and ministerial authorisations according to local laws in force.

    Agriculture - Breeding
    A strong challenge of modernising the production equipment in a country that aims to be in the top 5 of producers.
    View infographic Agriculture - Breeding in French
    Defense and Security
    Turkey's objective is to equip its Armed Forces with state-of-the-art materials. Read More
    View infographic Defense and Security in French
    The government has allocated $ 45 billion for infrastructures projects in railway to be completed by 2023.
    View infographic Railway in French

    Food industry
    Despite a large surplus in trade balance, the sector still faces major challenges.
    View infographic Food Industry in French
    Online transactions reached € 7,5 billion in 2016, an increase of 120% compared to 2013.
    View infographic E-commerce in French
    21 mega-projects to be completed by 2023 that aim to rank Turkey among the top 10 world economic powers.
    View infographic Infrastructures in French

    A leading sector, Turkey should meet important construction needs.
    View infographic Construction in French
    Home appliance
    The backyard of Europe, Turkey has become an important producer and exporter.
    View infographic Home Appliance in French
    Turkish consumers are very connected and keen on new technologies.
    View infographic ICT in French

    A sector that is intensifying investments in R&D in order to control its external dependency.
    View infographic Chemistry in French
    A challenging sector which represents the main expenditure on imports.
    View infographic Energy in French
    An easily accessible market for foreign companies.
    View infographic Health in French

    Medical devices
    The construction of 31 hospital centers suggests a significant need for medical devices.
    View infographic Medical Devices in French
    Although Turkey shows great potential,the country lacks of institutional strategies and expertise to turn the country into a digital hotspot
    View infographic FinTech in French
    Because of a lack of know-how, the Turkish aerospace industry remains dependent, particularly regarding complex materials and advanced technologies.
    View infographic Aerospace in French

    Major export opportunities projects
    19 companies and 23 projects operating in 10 strategic sectors have been selected to benefit from 33 billion USD of subsidies
    Discover infographic of the major export opportunities projects in French
    Child care
    The youth of the Turkish population, the increase of the living standart and the awareness of young parents are opportunities for foreign investors.
    Discover infographic Child care in French
    Water Management
    Turkey encourages the development of new and better technologies and sets an ambitious target for water availability per capita.
    Discover infographic Water management in French

    Objectives and projects in transport infrastructure represent opportunities for foreign investors looking for export opportunities.
    View infographic Logistics in French
    Although Turkey is self-sufficient in finished plastic products, it remains highly dependent on imports of plastic raw materials.
    View infographic Plastic in French
    Cattle & Sheep Farming
    An important import policy of animals has ranked Turkey 2nd world importer of live animals and 1st in Europe.
    View infographic Cattle & Sheep farming in French

    Istanbul's economic attractiveness
    As an economic and cultural showcase, Istanbul offers many investment opportunities for companies wishing to grow in an international mega-city.
    View infographic about Istanbul in French
    Turkey is still predominantly a waste-destroying country rather than a recycler. Parliament recently legislated to raise awareness by launching the project "Zero Waste".
    View infographic Recycling in French
    Turkey is one of the top 30 emerging pharmaceutical markets and Europe's 6th largest market. However the sector relies strongly on imports.
    View infographic Pharmaceutical in French

    Despite a surplus in the trade balance, Turkey remains a major importer ; indeed 70% of raw materials in the sector are imported.
    View infographic Cosmetic in French
    Turkey is a key player in car production and a center of excellence for global car manufacturers and OEMs
    View infographic Automotive in French
    Smart City
    The densification of the population, the environmental, sociological and political challenges create a need for sustainable and smart cities, simple to live and that take into account citizens needs.
    View infographic Smart City in French